Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Art of Data Visualization

Data visualization is a tool or idea that allows artists to give their readers a better understanding of the data that they are trying to communicate through a visual context. This makes the intake of information much more enjoyable and thoughtless for viewers.

I chose to watch the video on data visualization published by PBS. This video was particularly interesting to me because I am a marketing major and information systems minor. Both of my focuses rely heavily on the data and the reader. In marketing, it is important for advertisements and campaigns to appeal to specific segments and target markets. The video spoke about how data is used to reach out to each individual reader and create a meaning with them. They also showed some advertisements that used data visualization in order to convey their point. In marketing and advertising, it is incredibly important to reach your target readers and connect with them so that they can grow interest in what you have to offer. The concept of data visualization is incredibly prominent in the marketing world because as marketers, our main goal is to attract customers attention and keep it, and data visualization is a very effective way of doing this.

Through my information systems minor, I have experienced first hand the process of data collection. In todays world, we have the ability to monitor every single second that someone spends on a website—from the amount of time that they spend on a given page, to the buttons that they clicked or hovered over. The amount of information that can be uncovered just by someone’s experience on a website is mind-blowing. In specific circumstances I have found that people are more likely to spend more time and be more involved with sites that are visually appealing and help them understand things through data visualization, rather than websites that just throw information at them through text.

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