Saturday, March 25, 2017

Art Event #1

I visited the Julio Fine Arts Gallery during the opening of “Fractured Histories: Ancient Greek Pottery from Haverford’s Allen Collection.” I thought that the exhibit as a whole was very exciting, because it consisted of all pottery, which is something that we aren’t looking at in our art course—so it was interesting to be able to look at artwork that isn’t two dimensional. The piece that stuck out to me most in the exhibit were the two small jars displayed together, titled “Side-Spouted Jar” and “Stirrup Jar.” They were both crafted by the Mycenaean civilization—the first advanced civilization in mainland Greece. The two jars have very similar functions, both to pour small amounts of liquid. When viewing the jars, I thought that it was really cool that they were really used by a civilization during the mid-fourteenth century BCE. It is amazing that they are in such good condition, and we are able to determine and imagine what they were used for.

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