Monday, January 30, 2017

Baltimore Museum of Art Trip

Pierre Bonnard - Breakfast in the Garden

Oskar Schlemmer - Composition on Pink Ground—Relationship of Three Figures

Andy Warhol - Physiological Diagram

The three works that stood out to me during our class trip to the Baltimore Museum of Art were: Pierre Bonnard’s Breakfast in the Garden, Oskar Schlemmer’s Composition on Pink Ground—Relationship of Three Figures, and Andy Warhol’s Physiological Diagram.

Bonnard’s Breakfast In the Garden was interesting to me, because it depicted such a common, simple theme in a very bold and colorful way. He didn’t include any detail in his work, but the viewer is able to perfectly depict what the painting is supposed to show.

I chose Oskar Schlemmer’s Composition on Pink Ground—Relationship of Three Figures, simply because I thought it was interesting to look at. The combination of light pink and grey is one of my favorites, which drew me to this piece. As I spent more time looking at this piece, I began to notice different figures hidden within the shapes that seemed random at first glance.

My favorite part of the trip was the Andy Warhol exhibit in the contemporary art wing. The Physiological Diagram piece stood out to me, partly because of its size, but also because of what it represented. According to the description of the piece, Warhol created this work during the heart of the HIV/AIDS crisis. It was meant to represent the individuals who were affected by the AIDS epidemic, as well as himself and his awareness of his own aging body.

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